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The most comprehensive information security and data protection course on the market 

Workshops in building a career strategy

Lecturers are high-level industry figures

Two prestigious Bar-Ilan University certificates awarded to the graduates of the course + 4 bootcamp certificates

Hybrid classes

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The only course in Israel that combines senior cyber security and data privacy protection management, and includes comprehensive preparation for 5 international certifications!

About the CISO and DPO Course

The CISO and DPO course is the most comprehensive and professional course in the field. The CISO is the Security Enabler in the organization. On one hand they are familiar with the various levels of information security and manage technological teams, and on the other hand have a keen business perspective. They are proficient in both risk management and in managing the information security budget. The CISO’s role has expanded in recent years due to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements along with the business needs of the organization in which they work. Furthermore, the CISO must now also have an understanding of technology-related legal issues.

As the data privacy protection officer, the DPO oversees the organization’s data protection strategy and its implementation in order to ensure GDPR compliance. In Israel, the DPO is also responsible for compliance with the Israeli Privacy Protection Regulations that entered into force in May 2018, as well as for fulfilling the conditions required of every company maintaining commercial relations with Europe.

Our CISO course is the only course in Israel that offers two professional specializations: CISO and DPO, and is taught by prominent lecturers in these fields. The course prepares the students for five prestigious international certifications: 

CC (Certified in Cybersecurity) awarded by ISC2
CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) awarded by ISACA
CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional) awarded by IAPP
CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) awarded by ISC2
C|CISO (Certified CISO) awarded by EC-Council


The international certifications, together with the Bar-Ilan University CISO certificate and DPO certificate, provide an excellent entry point into a continuously developing field, and lays the foundations for an interesting, challenging and rewarding career in the knowledge-intensive industry.  

Course duration: About 7 months Mondays and Thursdays 
05:30 – 09:30 PM

Certificates: Students, who fulfill the course requirements, will be awarded two certificates from Bar-Ilan University, School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security  + 4 bootcamp certificates.

Remote learning option |   All class sessions are recorded and available for viewing anytime and anywhere

Mr. Eran Shaham, Mr. Hillel Kobrovski, Mr. Oren Yeger and Adv. Efrat Grinbaum


480 NIS

Registration fee:

15,000 NIS including VAT


Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan

August 1st, 2024

270 academic hours

Advantages of the CISO and DPO Course 

Meet the CISO and DPO Course Teaching Team

אורן יגר

About the Academic Advisor, Mr. Oren Yeger - Cloud architect and cyber security expert. Rich experience in technology training in the IDF and in academia. The professional lead and senior lecturer in the combined CISO and DPO course at Bar-Ilan University. Holds both CISM and CISSP international certifications. Served in the IDF 8200 Unit. Holds 25 years of experience in international enterprise companies, among them IBM and Oracle, and in core positions in the IT, middleware and cloud fields. An AWS Accredited Educator and AWS Community Builder, and a consultant to companies in planning cloud security solutions in technologically challenging environments. In recent years serves as a CISO and DPO, and as a senior cyber security and information security consultant.

ערן שחם

About the Academic Director and Manager of the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security, Mr. Eran Shaham - Over 30 years of rich experience as a lecturer and training manager in cyber and information security. Manager of the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University. Manages the authorized training centers of the leading virtualization, networking and information companies in the world: Amazon AWS, VMware, EC-Council, Check Point and ICS2, and trains integrators in advanced courses. 20 years of experience in training Check Point customers and partners in advanced technologies. Initiated, established and managed certificate courses in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem for 8 years, as part of the Technion – Division of Continuing Education & External Studies.  

Established and managed the MalamTeam Group, MalamTeam Training Center, responsible for training the Group’s 4,000 employees.  

Managed the Information Security Community at Microsoft Israel.

הילל קוברובסקי

About the Academic Advisor, Mr. Hillel Kobrovski - A strategy consultant and technology mentor in the following fields: cyber security, technology trends and forecasts, organizational innovation, technological futurology, and professional technology training. Senior technology instructor in the fields of cyber, information security and data communications, accreditation courses for manufacturers, cyber sales manager training courses, lectures on future technologies for senior managers/directors/sales managers, and on computing and cyber technology trends. Proven track record and 19 years training experience, teaching hundreds of courses and thousands of students.     

Certified Check Point instructor since 1999, senior instructor at Fortinet since 2007, senior instructor at Cisco Israel since 2018. 22 years' experience as a cyber, information and network security solutions architect, with a proven record in planning, implementation and ongoing maintenance of hundreds of projects in Israel and worldwide. 13 years' experience as founder and CEO of a leading cyber solutions professional services company. Assistance and accompaniment of technology companies in business and marketing development: development of new products/services, new marketing and distribution channels, preparing business and strategic plans, establishing training centers, and professional training.

עו"ד אפרת גרינבאום

About the Academic Advisor, Adv. Efrat Grinbaum -  Professional leader of the DPO course content. About 12 years' experience in data privacy law.

Privacy Manager at the multinational Johnson & Johnson company.

A partner in founding MyEDPO, which accompanies companies and organizations in Israel and around the world in compliance with various privacy regulations, and provides DPO services to dozens of companies in different and varied activity areas. 

Holds an LL.B. from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies. Lectures at international conferences and teaches courses and workshops on privacy issues.

Extensive familiarity with GDPR regulations and additional privacy regulations, from characterization to methodology integration in organizations. Also accompanies organizations in complying with Israeli Privacy Protection Regulations.

After completing the CISO and DPO course you will have knowledge in the following areas: 

Course graduates will also receive:

  • Comprehensive preparation for the exams of the five prestigious international certifications: CISM, CISSP, CC, CIPP/E, C|CISO.

  • 6 certificates awarded by the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University.

  • A work portfolio for job interviews based on the graduate’s final project.

  • Security and Risk Management

  • Asset Security

  • Privacy

  • Information Security Governance, Program Development and Management

  • Security Architecture and Engineering

  • Communication and Network Security

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Security Assessment and Testing

  • Security Operations

  • Software Development Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Incident Management and Response

Those with a business background, who want to incorporate security management into their profession

Individuals with physical security backround

Graduates of Bar-Ilan University CND – Certified Network Defender course

CISO and DPO course Target Audience

Students must have an entry level of technical terms in English.

Graduates Recommend

"As part of the selection process of a study institution I spoke to several institutions. 

Mr. Shaham told me: “Here a student always remains our student, not only during their course of studies”.

To your credit I can say that I am absolutely happy that I chose to study at your institution and that what Eran said fully takes place.

It is reflected in the jobs you publish and in the help you give students, in your willingness to help professionally and in general, in organizing various benefits, and mainly in the quick and caring response.

Hats off friends, you’re the best".

Sharon Lidani

"In my second week into the CISO course I had my doubts… what do I need this course for and what chance do I have of making a change in my profession at my age (55)…

You convinced me to complete the course and promised that making the change and transitioning to the cyber field is possible at any age.

Today, about 3 months after the end of the course, I began work at the Deloitte International Cyber Center".

Yaron Sadeh

Why Study the CISO and DPO Course at the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University?

The School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security is the only academic institution in Israel that offers two university certificates: a CISO certificate and a DPO certificate.

The School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University upholds the high academic standards of a higher education institution.

After completing the CISO and DPO course students can participate in workshops and receive individual accompaniment in building a career strategy.

The CISO course was designed according to the Regulating Cyber Security Professions in the State of Israel policy document.

Employment Opportunities for CISO and DPO Course Graduates

Course graduates are employed as cyber security managers and as data protection managers in companies and organizations, local and international. The multi-disciplinary knowledge, combined with the prestigious international certifications, give course graduates a significant advantage in a competitive world. Graduates of the CISO and DPO course can fill a range of key positions, among them: data and cyber security manager, security support engineer, information security consultant, cyber and data protection team leader, cyber security system planner and integrator, data protection and cyber security project manager, cyber center manager, data protection officer, and cyber security architect.

We walk with you….

The School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University accompanies its students all the way, and upon completion of their studies helps CISO and DPO course graduates find employment. Graduates can receive both professional and personal guidance services. We help graduates write a resume and choose a career path. As part of the group guidance services, graduates learn to build strategic relationships and to create a personal brand on LinkedIn. Also, the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security at Bar-Ilan University maintains collaborations and contact with leading companies in the hi-tech and cyber fields, facilitating placement of CISO and DPO course graduates.

Q&A About the CISO and DPO Course

What is the average salary of CISO and DPO course graduates?

The average salary in this field is between a beginning salary of NIS 15,000 to NIS 35,000 for individuals with more than 6 years experience.

What is the CISO and DPO course duration?

7 months (270 academic hours).

Is the CISO and DPO course a hybrid course?

The course takes place at the School of Hi-Tech and Cyber Security on the Bar-Ilan University campus in Ramat Gan. 80% attendance in in-person or Zoom class sessions is required. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Can you work while taking the CISO and DPO course?

Definitely. Classes take place twice a week in the evening hours, and you can continue to work while attending the course.

What certificate is awarded to CISO and DPO course graduates?

CISO and DPO course graduates are awarded six prestigious certificates: four of them awarded by Bar-Ilan University, including: Certified Information Security Officer and Certified Data Protection Officer, in addition to two ISACA certificates.

Does the CISO and DPO course include certifications?

Yes, the CISO and DPO course fully prepares course graduates for five international certifications: CISSP, CISM, CC, CIPP/E, C|CISO.

Are there assignments and tasks in the CISO and DPO course?

Yes, the CISO and DPO course includes assignments for practice purposes and a presentation at the end of the course. The graduate’s final project is a work portfolio for job interviews.

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